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This week, I checked out cocktail bar and (sister bar of taqueria Candelaria) with some Frenchie friends and Rio. The first thing Rio said when he saw the bar down the street was that it looked like a strip club. Seriously. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one since Olivier said the same thing when he saw the neon pink “Glass” sign and unmarked double black doors.

Glass is a tiny cocktail bar with three booths and only about four small tables for seating. The black painted walls throughout the bar make it seem even smaller than it already is too. Starting at about 11 euros, the cocktails aren’t cheap here, but they are good. I had a “Maison Close” that was a spicy vodka drink with Brooklyn IPA “syrup”, fennel and lemon, that was surprisingly not too sweet. The only downside is that it was so tiny (just like the bar, I guess), that if I hadn’t still been sick, I would’ve downed it in two quick sips. Oh, and that it literally takes the bartender about 20 minutes to make a drink.

I had heard that the hot dogs were the “best” in Paris, so everyone at the table, sauf moi, quickly ordered some classic and “chihuahua” guacamole-topped hot dogs. Let me be honest – I thought they were going to look like huge, juicy, reddish-brown NY hot dogs, but they looked more like brownish-gray little hot dogs that were sitting on top of a brioche-type hot dog bun. Apparently, it tastes much better than it looks because the group said it was really good and quickly ordered another round of hot dogs. Sadly, this is not a vegetarian-friendly bar. The only thing on the menu I could eat were pickles and some type of beet & egg salad. I ordered the pickles since I wasn’t really hungry, but have to say – they were damn good! I haven’t had pickles like that ever since I moved here!

Overall, it’s a good cocktail bar to check out in the Pigalle area. The service is really friendly albeit incredibly slow, the drinks are good, and apparently the hot dogs are really good too. Plus, they take reservations which is a must considering there are a limited number of tables.

Tip: I definitely wouldn’t go during the weekend as I heard someone say that it can turn “club-like” over the weekends. Considering how tiny and dark the bar is, I can just imagine how annoying it would be standing around squished next to people and trying to push your way through to the bar. Oh, plus the fact that I don’t “do” clubs. Even going on a Tuesday night, which is when I went, all the booths were already full.

Steeve, Steeve's cousin, Olivier and Rio.

Steeve, Steeve’s cousin, Olivier and Rio.


7 rue Frochot
9th arrondissement
Métro: Pigalle
info@glassparis.com (for reservations)

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