Eating At… East Side Burgers

East Side Burgers
Last week, I grabbed lunch with Robin at a new vegetarian burger spot called East Side Burgers. There aren’t that many vegetarian restaurants around… and considering I’ve only had a decent veggie burger at Hotel du Nord since I’ve lived here, I was excited about finally biting into a hearty vegetarian burger… especially at what’s supposedly the “first fast food vegetarian restaurant in Paris”.

East Side Burgers is definitely a lunch spot. When you walk in this narrow storefront, there’s a long glass counter where you can choose from two burgers of the day, french fries, cole slaw, cupcakes and tarts. There’s no beer or wine served here. After you order, pay and give your name, head on downstairs and grab a seat at one of the small wooden tables (some are communal) and wait for your name to be called on the intercom.

The day I went, they were offering the Basque or Forestier burgers. The Forestier is a tofu & mushroom-based veggie burger, topped with cheddar, caramelized onions and tomato. It’s all sitting within a sesame-crusted burger bun and wrapped in paper, White Castle-style. It was so good and satisfying, and wasn’t heavy where you went into food coma afterwards. Even meat-eater Robin really liked it too!

Being a vegetarian in Paris isn’t easy, but there are slowly more restaurants accommodating us and even places like East Side Burger opening up. The day there’s a raw food restaurant that opens up in Paris  like NYC’s Pure Food & Wine Bar, you’ll know that the vegetarian “trend” has finally arrived!

East Side Burgers
60 boulevard Voltaire
11th arrondissement
Métro: 9 @ Saint Ambroise or 5 @ Richard-Lénoir

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2 thoughts on “Eating At… East Side Burgers

  1. Aurelia says:

    What a mouthwatering dispatch! I’ve postponed my visit to East Side Burgers long enough; I’m on way way now!

    p.s. Have you been to Pousse-Pousse? It’s not exactly Pure Food & Wine, but it is raw.

  2. Ooh – I hope you like it! I haven’t been to Pousse-Pousse, but just checked out their site and am adding it on my list of restaurants to check out. I may try a cooking class too once they put their next schedule up! Merci for the tip!

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