Eating at… Délices du Shandong

Dinner at Délices du Shandong in Chinatown.

Dinner at Délices du Shandong in Chinatown.

I’ve only had Chinese takeout here and it is honestly horrible… at least for a vegetarian like me. They rarely have anything vegetarian with a lot of menu items containing shrimp for some reason… and even if I did eat meat, it just doesn’t compare to the Americanized version of Chinese takeout. (Can someone please overnight me scallion pancakes, veggie lo mein and veggie dumplings?! S’il vous plaît et merci.) What’s interesting too is that Chinese takeout places here literally will fill up a takeout box with your order, cover it in plastic and microwave it in front of you. There’s no pretending they’re cooking it fresh.

So, while in Paris’s Chinatown for some grocery shopping a few weeks ago, we decided to check out a restaurant called Délices du Shandong since it had a 22 Google rating. I expected it to be a fancier Chinese restaurant, but the décor and atmosphere is just a step above a Chinese takeout place. First of all, it’s confusing since the restaurant’s name is Délices du Shandong, yet the bright blue and yellow sign outside says “Traiteur Shan Dong”. I was standing outside wondering if this was the place we were supposed to go to since it looked so casual and the name wasn’t exactly the same, when one of the waitresses came out and advised me it was the same restaurant. With quite a number of shopping and grocery bags with us since we had gone to Bon Marché for les soldes and then food shopping, the waitress generously offered to let us leave our bags in the back of the restaurant and watch over them for us. Good service was already a good sign! And the food… was amazing! We ordered veggie dumplings, roasted duck, whole fish that had a crisply-fried skin, fried rice and spicy sautéed eggplant dish. Everything was so good and cheap, that we’ll definitely be back. It was also a good sign that there were a bunch of Asians there.

Délices du Shandong
88 Boulevard Hôpital
13th arrondissement
Métro 5: Campo-Formio
Tél: 01 45 87 23 37

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