French Phrase of the Day: Je tombe en morceaux.

French Phrase of the Day: I’m falling apart / I’m falling to pieces.
For two months I haven’t been able to run – thanks to standing on an airplane seat while attempting to grab my carryon out of the overhead and rolling my ankle. In a way, I was thankful since every time I begin a run I hate it for the first three miles. But when you realize you can’t even take long, leisurely walks around a city as gorgeous as Paris because your ankle will undoubtedly become swollen and hard, it gets old fast.

So when my physical therapist told me I could finally take a 30 minute run, I couldn’t wait! So off I did that last Thursday, and, naturally, it started to rain about 10 minutes into it. Oh, Paris! I chugged along, thinking it would stop, but it didn’t. So with my ankle still feeling a bit funny anyway, I decided to head home. Well, that 20 minute run resulted in a très sore body the next day where I was literally waddling around the apartment and a sore throat… that has now escalated into a full-on cold. God help me. Can a girl catch a break?! So since then, I haven’t been able to run again while I nurse this cold of mine. At this point, there’s no way I’m going to be able to properly train for a half marathon on March 3, and wil probably have to end up walking the 13 miles. C’est dommage.

On the bright side of things, at least I learned a new phrase out of it. When I texted my trainer I couldn’t start my sessions yet and Google Translated “I’m falling apart” in French thinking it might not translate correctly, he said, “Toi, tu as appris une nouvelle french expression!” Looks like I got something out of this bum ankle!


One thought on “French Phrase of the Day: Je tombe en morceaux.

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