Milk or Cream?! I have no idea.

Low Fat Milk
Ok… this post was initially supposed to be me really excited about finding low fat milk. “Hallelujah!” I had already written, and proceeded to go on about how all I could ever find at Monoprix was whole milk (entier), which is what I’ve been drinking for the past 11 months, cream (écremé) or half-cream (demi-écremé).

Umm, after some googling (because I like to fact-check my posts (ha!), I think I made a mistake. I thought écremé was cream milk because it’s so similar to crème (cream)… but I think it might actually mean skim. WTH?! I’m going to have to go look at the nutritional content on the labels to confirm this. If there are any Frenchies out there reading this, please let me know if écremé really is skim milk… and if so, is demi-écremé 2% or something??

Either way… apparently this low fat milk (or what I hope is low fat milk) is “easy to digest” (facile à digérer).

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2 thoughts on “Milk or Cream?! I have no idea.

  1. Dom says:

    Oh mademoiselle Jacqueline lol! Yes, It’s low fat!!

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