French Tip of the Day: Left-Hand Signal in Speed Lane

Slow driver in front of you while you’re in the speed (left) lane? Don’t do what Americans do and flash your brights on once. Instead, switch your left-lane signal lights on and wait while the driver moves to the right. Rio and I quickly learned this during our long drive to Burgundy.
Auto Moto Ecole Levis
Speaking of driving, Rio and I only drive automatic, which is a pain since car rental places don’t have many automatics in Europe and those cars tend to be more expensive and bigger. So, I’ve decided to sign up for driving lessons! I headed to l’auto-école the other day and apparently it costs 49 euros for an hour-long lession. Did you know that if you don’t have a driver’s license here though, they make you take driver’s ed classes that cost about 1,200+ euros?! I asked Rio how much he’d be willing to pay for my manual driving lessons and he said 600 euros. WTF?! Umm, how about more like 200 euros, tops. Anyways, we’ll see how quickly I learn. I have a feeling it will be a slooowwwww process.

I’m already picturing ramming into other cars on these small Parisian side streets… oh wait, that’s what Parisian drivers do already.

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