Let’s Call it A Girls’ Week

One of the things I’m most thankful about my life in Paris is all the wonderful friends I’ve made here. I definitely was more than nervous about that before coming and many expats will tell you it can get lonely quickly here. Well, after nearly a year here, many people have been warm & welcoming, and I’ve met some lifelong friends. Believe me, I’m not saying it’s all champagne and croissants here, there are definitely better days than others.

Kasia & Kim

Kasia & Kim

So, while Rio was in Budapest for work this week, Monday night I had plans with Venezuelan Carolina and Aussi-American Kim (and owner of organic skincare line Priti NYC) and we decided to go to a happy hour blogger event our friend Kasia was hosting. Kasia’s a handbag designer who I met at Kim’s Thanksgiving dinner and has a blog called Love in the City of Lights. I’m obsessed with her bags and plan on buying a Rive Droite bag ASAP.

Carolina, Kim P. showing her Parisian Events logo on the cupcake, and Kim showing perfect nails (she is the owner of Priti NYC, after all!).

Carolina, Kim P. showing her Parisian Events logo on the cupcake, and Kim showing perfect nails (she is the owner of Priti NYC, after all!).

So… the expat world is ridiculously small, which I’ve realized time and time again. While at Kasia’s event, who do I bump into, but the most famous wedding planner in Paris (not an exaggeration) – Kim Petyt of Parisian Events!! After drinks, we all ended up grabbing some Thai food and it was the perfect Monday night.

Robin, me, Brooke & Christine.

Robin, me, Brooke & Christine.

Fast forward to Wednesday, and Robin and I had a true “ladies who lunch” day. BTW – you should check out her blog too (my BFF Kristen says it’s like reading my blog – haha)! Some networking in the AM, shopping, lunching, drinking, and then off to dinner at this Mexican restaurant Candelaria I’ve been wanting to try. We met up with Christine and Brooke, and had a great time just catching up and talking about la vie Parisienne.

The only hiccup was I woke up at 2:30am with a rumbling stomach from the cactus taco I ate (yeah, it may be delicious, but maybe don’t get the cactus if you go to Candelaria).

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Call it A Girls’ Week

  1. Dom says:

    Oh this post is too precious for words. It feels like the way I felt for sometimes here in NC minus the the good adventure/encounter you are having!

  2. Thanks for EXPANDING my circle of American expats in Paris, Jacalyn. Who knew a Monday night could be so much fun? 🙂

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