Ready to Run Again!

After two months, I finally got the go-ahead to run today! Despite the fact that it was only for 20 minutes, it felt good to start doing something! With the Semi-Marathon de Paris only one month away, I’m sad to say I don’t think I’ll be able to properly train for the 13 miles in time… nor do I think my ankle will be quite ready for that yet.

It’s funny once you can’t start doing something how badly you want to do it. The whole time I trained for the Paris Versailles La Grand Classique in September, I would start running and repeat in my head “Why did I do this to myself?! I hate running! I hate running!” But these past two months, I’ve really been missing my regular runs around Parc Monceau and Bois de Boulogne.

Well, in honor of being able to start running somewhat, here’s a video of the warm-up from the Paris Versailles 10 mile run I did last fall.

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2 thoughts on “Ready to Run Again!

  1. Dom says:

    Keep up the good work and be positive for as the old proverb said “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” So you have to keep on going! I am cheering for you babe!

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