Nous aimons les chiens!

Waiting for takeout.

Waiting for takeout.

After drinks with a friend, I had a sudden urge for good old Italian food. So during Tyler’s last walk of the night, I stopped by a local Italian restaurant to ask how long the wait would be for some eggplant parmesan. The waiter insisted I come in, as I was standing inside the doorway.

Moi: Mais, j’ai un chien avec moi.
Waiter: C’est bon, nous aimons les chiens! Asseyez-vous.

Um, ok. So I proceeded to go towards the back of the restaurant with Tyler and waited. All while diners ate away around us and other customers walked around Tyler to pick up their takeout. This was way better than standing outside in the freezing cold for 10 minutes!

Paris Restaurants: +1; New York City Restaurants with stringent Health Inspection Codes: 0

Dog at Poissonnérie

Oh, and here’s a dog named “Vodka” who was at la Poissonnérie the other day.


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