French Phrase of the Day: Tyler est coquin.

French Phrase of the Day: 
Tyler is naughty.

While chatting with Tyler’s veterinarian Dr. Métivet, I let Tyler sniff around the room. He happened to be particularly interested in the counter where Dr. Métivet had fed him a biscuit and kept trying to jump on it. Well, he wasn’t able to accomplish that, but he did manage to knock off a surgical scissor that came crashing down and almost stabbed the little rugrat.

After that, Dr. Métivet taught me a new French word.

Dr. Métivet: Tyler est coquin!
Moi: Comment, coq au vin? Un coq comme un rooster? Je sais pas ce mot.
Dr. Métivet: Non, non. (Writes the word down on a piece of paper, and then proceeds to pull out a French/English dictionary to show me the definition.)
Moi: Ahh, he’s naughty/mischevious. Oui – that’s why I call him Tyler the Terror.
Dr. Métivet: Make sure you don’t use this word for men though. It’s not the same. There is a sexual connotation.
Moi: You mean, like a pervert?
Dr. Métivet: Oui!

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2 thoughts on “French Phrase of the Day: Tyler est coquin.

  1. Alistair Leadbetter says:

    It’s a good word but I’m not sure “pervert” is right. More saucy, sexily cheeky, racy, risqué, flirtatious and teasing or along those lines. But it’s definitely more a word to be used about a woman [coquine] than a man

  2. Dom says:

    Lol! I wonder where he gets it from! Wow, I didn’t know about the pervert connotation of “Coquin”. When I was little I was la coquine for mischievous one hehe!

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