Client News: Capsule Partners with #1 Wedding Brand

TK WWS with Capsule
So I’ve been holding off on some HUGE news for my client Capsule for a while now, but today we officially announced it! Capsule, an event-based photo sharing app that’s been featured on everything from TechCrunch to Mashable, has exclusively partnered up with, my former employer and the #1 wedding planning resource in the US (and that is not an exaggeration – they have about 80% market share).

If you need a refresher on what Capsule is, check out this blog post. And what does this partnership with mean? Well, at the most basic level, it means couples who have a wedding website on can have their wedding guests automatically add photos onto one central album on their site. That means no more chasing down guests to find the rest of your wedding photos! And it also means, it’s an album only shared with your guests – not with that random friend who you’re “friends” with on Facebook… but who are we kidding, you don’t even remember how you know them.

Here’s the release should you feel so inclined to read it.

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One thought on “Client News: Capsule Partners with #1 Wedding Brand

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