Chinese Fried Rice Recipe

Chinese Fried Rice
Rio and I decided to make some good old Chinese food last night. On the menu was fried rice, Chinese sausage (that’s the reddish-looking sausage you see in the upper righthand corner of the picture) and some vegetarian chicken. I know, vegetarian chicken probably sounds gross to meat-eaters… and maybe non meat-eaters too.

We got the sausage (for Rio) and vegetarian chicken (for me) at the Chinese supermarket Tang Frères in Paris’s Chinatown this weekend. I swear, every time we go there, which has been a total of twice, our bags nearly break from all the rice, ramen noodles, shrimp chips, frozen dumplings, Chinese sausages and random condiments we buy there. Anyhow, here’s my recipe for fried rice – there aren’t exact measurements as I pretty much eyeball it:

Après New York’s Chinese Fried Rice

a few cups of day-old rice (this is important because fresh rice is too wet for fried rice)
eggs (about one egg per cup of rice)
thinly chopped scallions (about a stalk or less per cup of rice)
sesame oil – optional

– Start frying some scrambled eggs, add salt. Don’t cook it too long, since it’ll continue to cook once you add the rice.
– Add scallions.
– Add day-old rice.
– Add a bit of sesame oil (optional).
– Add salt to taste and serve.
**Do not add water or soy sauce – the rice absorbs the water and it becomes sticky.

And here’s a food tip I learned from one of my dad’s old college friends during my recent trip to Taiwan: If you ever order fried rice for Chinese takeout and it’s a brown color – that is NOT real fried rice! It’s brown because they added soy sauce and that is not how traditional Chinese fried rice is made.


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