Top 5 Things I Learned About Frenchies When It Snows in Paris

Mon balcon sous la neige.

It’s been snowing in Paris for a few days now and I’ve learned quite a bit about these Parisians during this time. Here are the top 5:

5. Frenchies love wearing moon boots. Looks cute on kids – not so much on adults… even if they’re allegedly chic Parisians.
4. Frenchies don’t believe in salting the roads. And I’m not talking little side roads, but main streets with lots of cars and pedestrians.
Unicyclist in Snow
3. Frenchies still insist on riding their motorcycles and bicycles (even unicycles!) in the snow. Can you say death wish?
Rio and Tyler w/ Snowball Fight Background
2. Frenchies love a good snowball fight. It’s like Paris sous la neige is an excuse for Frenchies to turn that frown upside down for once. (See photo above of couple in the middle of a snowball fight on our street.)
1. Frenchies become tourists when it snows. They’re out taking photos, oohing and ahhing over everything – snow on branches, snow on the gate, snow on the car! Oh là là, c’est magnifique, la neige!

And in conclusion, I think Tyler likes the snow too. Here he is savoring it in a moment of silence.

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