How I Scored 40€ Booties

Colisee Booties
An acquaintance recently let me know that a company called Miratech was looking for expats to participate in some type of focus group study. It’d only take one hour and I’d walk away with 100 euros. With les soldes around the corner 100 euros could come in handy, so I filled that little survey out and quickly forgot about it. Well! They ended up calling me last week and I went in this Tuesday.

I thought it was going to be a focus group, but it turned out to be a one-on-one thing where they had me “review” a luxury brand’s soon-to-launch US website for the iPad and iPhone. One hour later, I walked out with 100 euros in Kadeos vouchers – apparently they’re kind of like gift checks that you can redeem at hundreds of brands and stores in France.

So after dragging myself out of bed late yesterday morning (since I had stayed up till 3am watching Downton Abbey – obsessed), I met up with my friend Brooke (who also works at and has decided to live in Paris as well!) for a healthy little lunch and some shopping. Well, I put those Kadeos vouchers to good use, as I bought a pair of booties for a mere 40 euros! They were originally 280, then 50% off courtesy of les soldes, and with my 100 euro voucher, it was a great score. (Now if only my swollen ankle would get better so I can wear heels again!)

Happy Shopping!

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