French Phrase of the Day: Coriandre

French Phrase of the Day: Cilantro

I’m making vegetarian chili this week and was at my local veggie market looking for some cilantro to top it off. When I asked the veggie man “Avez-vous de cilantro”, he responded with “Coriandre”? Umm, je crois que non. I’m not looking for coriander. Plus, I had smelled the herbs marked coriander and it didn’t smell like cilantro. He then did something that’s embarrassingly happened to me at a couple other food stores. He asked a nearby customer whether he spoke English and called him over to help. The guy also said “coriandre”. While I said, I didn’t think that’s what it was, I quickly looked up the word on my trusty Google Translate, and oup… apparently it is coriandre en français! Who know?!

Suspicious that Google Translate was still wrong, I just googled it and found this posting on ChowHound that breaks it down. Cilantro are the leaves on the coriander plant. It’s also apparently called “chinese parsley” sometimes.

I clearly am clueless with herbs. Just last week when I was making some roasted carrots, Kristen said “Ooh – it smells like rosemary.” I responded with a very confident, “No, it’s thyme,” and showed her the bag (which I had diligently  labeled with “thyme” in my freezer). Well, it turns out, it was rosemary. Oh là là. #Fail.

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