Brugge Day Trip

Just one week ago, Kristen, Steve, Rio and I were in Brugge. Three train rides and almost 3 hours later, we were finally there! Below are some pics from the day.

Little travel tip though. Instead of taking the TGV from Paris to Brugge (with a transfer at Brussels) where it’ll cost 220 euros (nearly $300!), take the TGV from Paris to Lille, then the B (Belgium local train) towards Anvers. You’ll need to transfer at Kortrijk to get to Brugges, but it’ll only set you back $150. total. Travel time is the same too!

Brugge Rooftops
Rooftops in Brugge. This is the view from the only brewery left in Brugge: De Halve Maan. Speaking of which, our brewery guide was hilarious!

Hot Chocolate

Me and Kristen
First thing we did upon arriving was we all got some hot chocolate, spiked with Bailey of course. Kristen and I are immediately happy after the long train rides.

Sky in Brugge
Trimmed trees in Brugge.

Horses in Brugge
There are a lot of horse carriages.

Me and Rio
Me and Rio.

After a long day, we ended up crashing at home watching the movie “In Bruges” and pointing out all the same places we went to.

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One thought on “Brugge Day Trip

  1. Lovely! I spent a few days in Brugge a couple of years ago and it is one of my favourite places. Your post has brought back some lovely memories.

    Thanks for posting

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