Champagne Day Trip from Paris

Wow – it’s been a busy week! Not only did I have Kristen and Steve visit for the week, but the day after they left my friend Vicky had a layover in Paris on her way to Cape Town for her honeymoon, so we got to have lunch together. Plus, I got to meet her new hubby Wade. It had been too long!

During Kristen and Steve’s visit we took a daytrip to Champagne. Loved it! We took the TGV there, which is only about an hour, and stopped by the Reims Cathedral (AKA Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims).

Reims Cathedral

After that, we grabbed some lunch by the city center and then went to the train station to meet up with our Champagne guide Cris from Cris-Event. Here’s a pic of him showing us how champagne makers turn champagne bottles 1/8 of an inch (I think?) each day to slowly get the sediment to the neck of the bottle. After that, they then stick it in some type of machine where it freezes the tip and they cut off the end with the sediment. Who knew?!

Cris of Cris-Event

This was a semi-private tour with four other people (seven total including us) and we definitely lucked out with the company. The tour costs 50 euros per person and was the perfect way to explore the region and taste lots of champagne. We got to see three wineries (with tastings included) and even a church where Dom Pérignon is buried. We ended the tour with a drive through a street where you see all the big wine makers, and Cris then dropped us off at the train. Since we hadn’t told him what time our return train to Paris was, we actually ended up missing it. But Cris actually accompanied us into the train station and helped us exchange our tickets to make sure we were ok. So nice! I highly recommend his tour.

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