Holidays in Paris – Restaurants

Beginning last Friday, Frenchies started exiting Paris for the holidays. It turns out – that also meant restaurant owners at many places are closed from December 22 to approximately January 4 or even January 7. Although Rio and I made dinner for Christmas Eve, we wanted to go out and celebrate for Christmas Day so we decided to have a celebratory lunch with Rio’s coworker friends and fellow expats (from South Africa) Paul and Vanette. A friend forwarded me a link with holiday openings and closures on Paris by Mouth and after going through a bunch of them, I finally found a restaurant that seemed decent! Chamarré Montmartre.

It was a lovely seven course menu (with a surprise extra course making it eight) that was refined and delicious. Plus – did I mention they also accommodated  vegetarians?? That’s a win right there for me! It was a “fancier” restaurant that I’d definitely take my parents to.

Chamarré Montmartre also has a New Year’s Eve menu too in case you don’t have any plans yet. And I recently found this ParisInfo roundup on where to eat during the holidays too. Heads-up, for many holiday menus at restaurants in Paris, you have to pre-pay. No big deal – but good to know.

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