Almond Croissants Recipe

With the holidays here and friends about to visit, I was inspired to make some almond croissants. To be more precise, to make the almond cream/frangipane that would go into croissants, since I don’t have the patience or desire to actually make croissants from scratch.

I learned this almond cream recipe at the croissant-making class I took at La Cuisine Paris. I also learned a dirty little secret about French boulangeries while there. Did you know when you buy almond croissants at boulangeries, you’re not buying fresh croissants? You’re actually buying day-old croissants the bakers didn’t sell the day before. The day-of, the bakers then add almond frangipane and simple syrup to the croissants and sell them as croissants aux amandes!

Almond Cream
Almond cream ready for some croissants!

Almond Croissants
Voila! Mes croissants aux amandes sont prêts!


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One thought on “Almond Croissants Recipe

  1. […] What happens when you have three kings, a bean and a cake? Well, if you live in France, it means it’s obviously time to celebrate Fête des Rois AKA Three Kings Day or Epiphany Day. More importantly, for me it means that boulangeries across Paris (and France) are selling display upon displays of galette des rois, a buttery, sweet tart filled with frangipane. […]

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