Breakfast in Taiwan

I haven’t posted much as I was recently in Sri Lanka and the Maldives for our five year wedding anniversary vacation, and then was off to Taiwan three weeks after that. But what that means is I also have a ton to post about! Oh, but with the holidays just a few days away, a new work project (yes!) and friends visiting (hi, Kristen & Steve), it’s going to be a bit nutty.

In the meantime, here’s a little photo of my first street food breakfast in Taipei. I already forgot the chinese name for it but it was basically sticky rice with a fried egg and seasonings inside. The lady puts it in plastic wrap and squishes it into a little wrap. Delish! More to share on some recipes I learned while in Taiwan – like the proper way to make fried rice.

Taiwanese Breakfast

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One thought on “Breakfast in Taiwan

  1. […] a food tip I learned from one of my dad’s old college friends during my recent trip to Taiwan: If you ever order fried rice for Chinese takeout and it’s a brown color – that is […]

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