Champs-Élysees Christmas Market

After too much partying Saturday night at Steeve’s costume-themed birthday party, Rio and I enjoyed a leisure Sunday morning. But for the evening, we decided to step into daylight and take a stroll to the Champs-Élysees and check out the Christmas Market. One of the bonuses to where we live is the Champs-Élysees is only about a 20 minute walk from our apartment.
Champs-Élysees Lit Up

Skating Rink
Ice skating rink on Champs-Élysees.

DJ at Skating Rink
For some reason the ice skating rink came complete with a DJ and large moving fake animals – everything from orangutans and wolves to penguins and walruses. Ridiculous!

Ice Skaters

Place de la Concorde
At the end of the Christmas market is Place de la Concorde.

If you’re looking for some little gifts and want to sip some vin chaud, definitely check out the Christmas Market. It’s actually open 7 days a week and ends on January 2.

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