Eating At… Restaurant Bodrum

Fellow American expat Aaron (who’s recently gone back to California) had told us a while back about the “best kebab in Paris” that we had to try… especially since it’s right by our apartment. And apparently it had been featured on one of the French network channels. Well, considering I’m a vegetarian, that was going to be out of the question for me. But on a recent Saturday errand run, a starving Rio decided to finally try it.
Restaurant Bodrum
As you can see, there’s always a line outside this kebab place – Restaurant Bodrum. It seemed like there were quite a few regulars too since they knew the kebab guy by name.

Le Meilleur Kebab de Paris
Well, if the sign says it’s “the “meilleur kebap de Paris” it must be!

Shaving Kebab
Slicing razor-thin kebab shavings.

Rio munching away. He said it was really good but wished it was more spicy. Considering Frenchies don’t really like spicy food, I’m not surprised that it might’ve been spiced down though. The verdict (according to Rio): Go buy yourself a kebab!

Restaurant Bodrum
Around the corner of rue des Batignolles and rue Bridaine
17th arrondissement

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