Cooking Classes at La Cuisine Paris

When I first moved to Paris, I booked a little soufflé cooking class at La Cuisine Paris with Annie and Nate. The soufflés turned out delicious, but I wasn’t a fan of the name-dropping American chef… and I don’t think Nate loved the know-it-all lady Bev we were partnered up with. Plus, I think the poor guy was suffering from coffee withdrawal.

Nate, Bev and Annie.

Homemade souffles fresh out of the oven.

Fast forward a few months when a friend suggested we take a croissant-making class… it turned out it was at La Cuisine Paris too. So, I said “Sure!”… but in my head, I was thinking… “Oh lord, I hope it’s not another annoying chef teacher again.” Well, it wasn’t, thank goodness. Although I can’t say I’ll be baking any fresh croissants anytime soon, I do see making an almond version with day-old croissants in my future. Heads up – it is a loonnngg class that’s about three hours. This time, I was the one suffering from a lack of coffee.

I actually made this dough! C’est vrai.

Almond pinwheel. My favorite!

Ta da! Homemade croissants.

At this point, the owner – who’s a very friendly American lady who gave up her finance/legal (?) job to move to Paris – recognizes me since I’ve not only been there twice, but I’ve also dropped off another visitor there for a class too (which they loved, btw). Overall, this is a nice different activity to do with visitors who’ve already been to Paris… just keep in mind other students will probably be Americans/English-speaking folk. So this is not the class for you if you want to be surrounded by other Frenchies learning how to cook.

La Cuisine Paris
80, Quai de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004
Metro 1 or 11 to Hôtel de Ville or Metro 7 to Pont Marie
+33 (0)1 40 51 78 18 or

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