What to Wear… To An Alphabet Costume Party in Paris

So… I was recently invited to a Frenchie’s birthday party and he told me there’s going to be a theme… where we have to dress up in costume as anything that begins with the letter “s”. What??? So I googled that baby up for 1) ideas and 2) to see if this is something that’s commonly done. Um, apparently so!

Well, I’ve come up with two ideas for my costume and would love to know what y’all think:

Costume Idea #1: Statue of Liberty. Since I’ll basically be the only American surrounded by Frenchies, I thought that’d make sense! The problem is I’d have to DIY this bad boy. Think green sheet and cardboard/foam core to make the headpiece and torchlight. Sadly, I don’t think I can purchase a Statue of Liberty  headpiece on the streets of Paris… even if it was the French who gave it to the Americans.

Costume Idea #2: Un Sac À Vin. This is something I’ve been meaning to post for one of the French Phrase of the Day pieces but have yet to do so. Basically it means “a drunkard”, which is what I jokingly call my friend – the birthday boy. But translated literally, it means a bag of wine. Get it? And boy do Frenchies think it’s funny when us Americans use these slang phrases. So I’d basically just strategically place a trash bag over myself (cutting holes for my legs) and print photos of bottles of wine and glue them over the bag. And maybe see if I can get some of those one-drink wine tubes and tie that around my neck.

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