Happy Thanksgiving! Joyeux Jour de Merci Donnant!

Happy Thanksgiving à tous! Although I’m sad we won’t be spending Tofurky Day (hey – I’m a vegetarian) with our families, I am thankful that Rio and I won’t be sitting at home alone eating spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and stuffing while Tyler looks on with hungry eyes. We’ve been truly lucky to have made so many great friends here who have welcomed us into their homes and lives. So here’s what’s on the fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend agenda:

Thanksgiving Part I: Celebration chez Aussie American Kim. There will be 14 people, which means I am making a lot of brussel sprouts today! I think I bought 70 sprouts yesterday! Although I’ve tried making them three times this week – poor Rio said no more! – chances are they still won’t be tasty so no one will be gobbling those little green balls up. I just can’t get it right yet!

Thanksgiving Part II: Celebration chez Americans Christine and Nate’s. There will be 8 people and I will be making my trusty old mac n cheese (recipe courtesy of Annie AKA my little Southern Martha Stewart) and a salad. And then we all head over to Robin & Dave’s for yummy dessert! Chances are, je me serais prendre une cuit the next day. Oh la la.

Thanksgiving Part III: Celebration chez Americans Erica and Joe. I’m not sure how many people there’ll be but I guess I’ll have to find out soon since I’ll be making yummy mashed potatoes. At least I hope they’ll be yummy!

Ohhh… my poor expanding waistline! Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone – no matter where you are! Et Joyeux Jour de Merci Donnant!

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