Paris Vu Par Hollywood

This past Saturday, Rio and I decided to actually be cultural for once and went to check out the “Paris Vu Par Hollywood” (Paris As Seen By Hollywood) exhibit at the Hôtel de Ville. We ended up having to wait an hour in the chilly Paris weather before being able to go in… and well, it wasn’t anything special. Although it’s just a temporary exhibit, I thought it’d be more like something you’d see at the Museum of the Moving Image in NY with more digital and interactive exhibits. Mais non. There were some clips of movies set in Paris, but it was mostly posters and promotional materials with historical content of movies that were shot about Paris. I did learn a few things though. For example, did you know that most movies that were set in Paris were actually usually filmed in California studio lots up until the 1950s? And there were a few movies that we may end up checking out because of the exhibit.

So my recommendation? If the line’s less than 30 minutes, feel free to head on in. After all, it’s free.

Paris Vu Par Hollywood
Hôtel de Ville
Free exhibit until December 15, 2012

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