As a holiday orphan…

I was a bit worried that Rio, Tyler and I would be spending the holidays tout seul. Well, I’m happy to say I’m feeling especially thankful that that’s not the case for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving – or le Jour de Merci Donnant en français – is one of my favorite holidays and we typically host my family and Rio’s family chez nous. I love it. There’s something about stuffing your face in comfy-esque clothes all day long while playing games and just simply vegging out with family. Since having our families come all the way to Paris for Thanksgiving would be silly and flying back home wasn’t an option for us, I thought we may end up having a sad celebration at home or try finding a restaurant serving a Thanksgiving dinner. But luckily, we’ve been fortunate to have been invited to not one, not two, but four Thanksgivings!! C’est incroyable!

So for this Thanksgiving in Paris… Merci and Thank You to all those friends who welcome us fellow “holiday orphans” to their home.

And hey – did you know there’s actually a Thanksgiving Store in Paris too? I’ll have to see if they have any Tofurky for me to bring…

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