Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day!

Yesterday was Beaujolais Nouveau Day (the third Thursday of every November), which meant wine shops throughout Paris offered free wine tastings and snacks like cheese, meats and good old baguettes. Robin and I decided to take full advantage of this French “holiday” and wine shop-hopped last night. It was like being in a bar… but at a wine shop instead… and for free!

The first wine shop we went to even had a band outside (who I’m pretty sure was Les MaKaBés) to attract customers. The second one was my good old local NYSA Lévis where I learned that the owner Philippe actually owns all 10 NYSAs! What a mogul! The third and last wine shop we went to gave us full pours, so we decided that our wine shop-hopping was over and later on refilled our own little plastic cups. We even met some old dude AKA Monsieur Polar Bear who insisted that polar bears (or some big white animal who walks on ice) lives in California. Um, riiighhhhtt. And did I mention he tried to entice Robin and I to accompany him to Bastille for massages and photos? Got to love dirty old French men!

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