Tyler’s Officially a Frenchie!

We finally went to the vet today to have Tyler’s anal glands expressed (yeah, probably TMI). Woohoo – no more booty scoot!

Rio actually found the veterinarian after doing some online research and he was super nice, funny, spoke English (bon pour Rio!), and, most importantly, gave Tyler lots of attention. While there, the vet explained to us how even though the American rabies vaccination is good for three years, in France, it’s required every year. So we updated Ty’s vaccines and in doing so… Tyler officially became French! What?? Oui, he received an EU Pet Passport. Apparently, we need it if we bring Tyler outside of France to other European countries to show proof of vaccination and should also bring it with us when going on getaways outside of Paris. Love that my dog actually has a passport. Haha.

When handing the passport over, the (French) vet said “He is now French. No one’s perfect.” Love it.

Dr. Pierre Métivet
Phone: 01 45 63 41 39
3 rue de Monceau, 8th arrondisement

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One thought on “Tyler’s Officially a Frenchie!

  1. […] chatting with Tyler’s veterinarian Dr. Métivet, I let Tyler sniff around the room. He happened to be particularly interested in the counter where […]

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