Where to Go & What to Do in Paris

Over the past six months, I’ve signed up for a number of e-newsletters with info on cool restaurants & bars and the latest festivities to check out in Paris. All courtesy of fellow expats, Frenchies, blogs I follow, and even the guy behind the counter at the Italian food store by me. Hey – I’m friendly!

So if you’re planning on visiting or you live in Paris aussi, here’s a little compilation for you:

I used to think My Little Paris was like DailyCandy… but it’s not. They have a little too many “partner emails” but it’s still worth it to sign up for this one. I especially like it when they break down where to go by arrondissement with a specific theme. I also have their book.

I heard about Le Bonbon through my Frenchie friend Fatim. They have a weekly e-newsletter about what to do in Paris that week/weekend.

I recently signed up for Do It In Paris, so not sure how good this one is quite yet.

Secrets of Paris is a site that actually promotes walks this chick does throughout Paris, but this monthly e-newsletter sometimes has good info on upcoming activities in the city.

Yup, just like the Time Out New York we know.

Not an e-newsletter, but Les Yeux et Les Oreilles (translation: Eyes and Ears) is a site that lists the latest concerts in Paris. This is the one the guy at the Italian store told me about.

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One thought on “Where to Go & What to Do in Paris

  1. emiliahearts says:

    Thanks for the hints. I’m currently planning a trip to Paris so this is really useful!

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