Paris Versailles La Grand Classique

Knowing I won’t go running if I’m not forced to, after I moved here, I signed Rio and I up for a race called Paris Versailles La Grand Classique. It’s about a 10 mile (16 km) run from… you guessed it, Paris to Versailles.

We ran it yesterday and it was so great! We got to see different parts of the city and were so pumped by the crowd… there’s no better adrenaline rush than being surrounded by fellow runners, friends/family cheering you along on the sidelines and pop-up bands pushing you along the way.

Considering I’ve never done anything like this before, unless you count the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge that’s a mere 5k, it was an incredible experience to do it for the first time, and in Paris no less! It’s definitely something I can see us doing again next year, and maybe will even consider signing up for a half marathon in Paris in February. On va voir.

Oh, and my time? A slow (but steady!) 1:51 minutes. I was busy enjoying the view, after all…

Pre-race. Getting pumped up!

Nous l’avons fait!

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4 thoughts on “Paris Versailles La Grand Classique

  1. Dom says:

    Wow, you guys are having too much fun so I don’t think you are coming back hehe! Good job!

  2. […] you can’t start doing something how badly you want to do it. The whole time I trained for the Paris Versailles La Grand Classique in September, I would start running and repeat in my head “Why did I do this to myself?! I […]

  3. […] after that until my ankle was telling me to stop! I know – it’s nothing compared to the Paris-Versailles 10-mile run I did last year, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess my ankle up even more. […]

  4. […] Next stop: Paris Versailles La Grand Classique in September! It’ll be Part Deux for me and Rio since we ran this 10-miler last year. […]

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