Shopping Online in Paris

One of the things I thought I had to leave behind in NY were all the e-commerce and deal sites like Gilt, JetSetter, ScoutMob, Rent the Runway (not like I bought anything there, but still!), etc. But while grilling my friend here on where I can find a rug that was less than Habitat’s 500 euros, she told me a few sites to check out, so here they are, mes amis:

WestWing – great deals on home goods, ranging from pillows to lighting and furniture. I bought a couple of cute, modern pillows that I love. Just keep in mind, it takes about a month – yes, a month! – to deliver.

Bazarchic – this really is a bazaar with sales on everything from clothes & accessories to wine and weekend getaways.

Vente-Privee – designer fashion goods for up to 70% off. I find their emails kind of annoying and not user-friendly though, so I haven’t bought anything here yet.

Also, keep in mind you can still access a few sites we have in the US like LivingSocial and Amazon. The only thing is that when I was looking to buy some ink cartridges on here, it was more expensive for the exact same thing – as is almost everything else in this country compared to the US.

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