A Day in the Life of an Expat Spouse

I don’t even like using the term expat spouse – but it’s what I am and way better than what some people call us… “trailing spouse”. (Shudder.)

So, people tend to ask me what I do during my life in France, so here’s a typical weekday when I don’t have guests (umm, but I almost always have guests):

  • Walk the dog, over and over again. Back in NY, we had a dogwalker walk Tyler twice a day since Rio and I worked so much. Yeah, no need to go to that extent anymore… although we do have him take hours-long forest walks with Dogwalking.fr so he can play with other doggies and run free.
  • Go running (hopefully) or workout with my trainer.
  • Futz around on the computer. Now this, unfortunately, easily takes up a few hours throughout my day. I’m either planning an upcoming vacation, looking up exciting things to do in Paris, blogging, finding new restaurants to check out, or making reservations for the never-ending guests I have.
  • Cook, clean & laundry. I actually semi-cook these days! And by that, I mean, roasting tomatoes, making my own French vinaigrette and occasionally a pasta salad. Not to mention, food shopping, which easily takes up two hours since you have to go to five different stores to get everything you need. No joke.
  • Work. Yes, I do work, people! I do about a few hours a day depending on how busy it is.
  • Drink and dine with a friend a couple times a week.

And there you have it – a packed expat spouse day. Ask anyone who doesn’t work full-time and you’ll see that your day unbelievably fills up pretty quickly.

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