Corsica Vacation Itinerary

One of the vacations I took this August was a long weekend in Corsica. Whenever I told Frenchies I was going to Corsica they raved about how beautiful it was and how much I’d love it. Seriously, the Frenchies are obsessed with Corsica – even the ones who haven’t been there go on and on about it, and say how they want to go. Well, the last time people said this about a place was San Francisco, and I ended up not being that impressed. I liked SF, but didn’t love it as much as everyone said I would. The same happened with Corsica.

Overall, it was a nice trip and the island truly is beautiful, but honestly, I would’ve enjoyed it more if the driving wasn’t so death-defying and stressful, and the beaches were more soft and smooth and not “shell-sand beaches”. Rio and I may go back again to check out other parts of the island… but with so many cities and countries we have yet to see, I’m not entirely sure that’ll happen.

I’ll be posting a breakdown and more pics eventually. But, here’s a rough vacation itinerary in case it’s helpful for you future Corsica visitors.

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