Staying At… Hotel Tryp Orly, San Sebastián

Overall, the Tryp Orly hotel in San Sebastián was a perfectly fine hotel to stay at – clean, roomy and great location. If I were to go back though, I might try a different hotel. They say this is a four star hotel, but I’d say it’s more like a three star hotel.


  • Very close to the beach – literally two blocks – so great location.
  • View of the bay is nice.
  • Staff is friendly enough.


  • Wifi is very annoying. Usually at hotels, once you enter the password, you don’t have to keep entering it… but here you do. On top of that, once your phone shuts off, you have to re-enter the password again even if you haven’t left the hotel.
  • Despite the nice view and the balcony, there were no chairs out there, so we couldn’t even really enjoy it.
  • There was no conditioner or even body lotion in the bathroom and they don’t provide it!!

Hotel Tryp Orly
Plaza de Zaragoza, 4
San Sebastián – Guipuzcoa – Spain – 2007
Phone: (34) 943 463 200

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