San Sebastián: Day 4

Last day! We woke up early so we could hike the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail. You basically have to walk to the east side of town, hike up Calle de Zemoriya in Gros and follow the yellow trail markings in reverse. We didn’t walk through much of it, but what we did see, you weave through some forest and get to see some pretty cliffs that go into the sea. Apparently one of Jesus’ apostles was buried in Spain, so lots of people did this pilgrimage trail across Europe to honor it/see the site. I thought Rio’s mom would be proud that we did a little portion of this.

Before we headed there, we did carbo load with a pastry from Galparoso, which apparently is a bakery that supplies the area’s top restaurants. (Calle Mayor 6, +34-943-420-113). We saw a guy carrying a bunch of baguettes from this shop, and all of a sudden the little paper bag broke and all his baguettes came tumbling out on the street. Poor guy.

After that, we took a little boat ride to Isla Santa Clara – that little island you see in a lot of the San Sebastián pics… also known as the “Phantom Fourth Beach”. We took the Motora de la Isla, which comes about every 30 minutes and only cost about 5 euros. It was nice to check out a different part of town and get a different perspective of the city. After that, we just laid out by the beach, and then headed back home!

Next stop… Corsica!

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