Too Many Babies on Facebook Pour Vous?

I read this article in The New York Times today about a way to show less baby photos on Facebook and it totally struck a chord! Me and my friends were literally just talking about how our Facebook newsfeed was being inundated with baby photos. And I’m not talking like one every other day or anything – I’m talking about several Facebook photo posts a day – of baby doing mundane, not-cute things. Think baby going to the supermarket, baby in a car, baby at the doctor… not to mention, weekly (if not daily!) pre-baby pregnancy photos! If it were baby doing funny/cute things – it’d be a different story and I’d be clicking “like” like nobody’s business.

So if unsubscribing to a Facebook newsfeed isn’t enough (and believe me, I’ve done it with a few acquaintances and, unfortunately, when my other friends still comment or “like” the post, it still shows up in my newsfeed) – the Google Chrome extension might be just for you.

And for the record, I do realize I over-post photos of my dog Tyler (but come on, he should be a model!) and obnoxious Paris/traveling photos (well… I am living the life!). Luckily, there’s no extension to get rid of that… yet.

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One thought on “Too Many Babies on Facebook Pour Vous?

  1. Christa says:

    Does this mean you do not want to see photos of my growing bump? Lol!!! I totally hear you though. A lot of stuff on FB is very annoying. Miss you!! Xo

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