Medical “Emergencies”

In the short four and a half months since I’ve been here, our little family has not had not 1, not 2, but 3 medical “emergencies”! That’s three times more than we’ve had back in NY in the past 12 years. The scariest part of it is not knowing who or where to go to during these situations since we don’t have a doctor here nor do we know where the closest hospital is. Here’s a brief update on our latest medical mishaps (including tonight’s):

Victim: Moi
Date: April
Incident: Burned my hand when I fully grabbed the handle of a pan that had just been taken out of the oven and placed on the stove.
Treatment: Lots of running cold water for hours and Neosporin for a couple of days.
After-Effects: For two days after, we had the carpenter come to install the kitchen cabinets and whenever they came to shake my hand, I had to keep saying “Desolée, je me suis blessé à la main (Sorry, I hurt my hand),” while holding my hand up and giving an injured look. I ended up having a couple of peeling blisters in the end – not bad.

Victim: Tyler (notre chien)
Date: July
Incident: The little rascal scarfed down a big macaron chocolat off the coffee table when no one was looking and we thought he was still taking a nap. Tricky, tricky. The worst part was we knew that it was some type of dark chocolate, which is the most dangerous to dogs.
Treatment: Rio managed to pry some of the chocolate cream out of Tyler’s chocolate-covered mouth, but not everything. Hoping to counteract the dangerous toxins in the chocolate, I quickly gave Tyler a huge scoop of food. After two emergency calls to our US vet, trying to figure out the Ladurée recipe for their chocolate macarons to determine the exact amount of chocolate Tyler might have ingested, and lots of googling, we also ended up giving Ty a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide to see if he’d throw up. Watching him like a hawk for two hours seeing if there were any signs of abnormal pacing, fatigue, etc.), nothing happened and Rio refused to give him another spoonful of hydrogen peroxide. I slept with eyes half-closed the entire night, and would periodically touch Ty’s belly to make sure he was still breathing.
After-Effects: Nothing. He apparently has a tough tummy! I was so worried the next day though since I had to leave for a flight to NYC and was thinking the worst possible scenarios that would happen while I was gone. Oy.

Victim: Rio (mon mari)
Date: August (tonight, actually)
Incident: While washing dishes and attempting to scrub away a dirty spot that actually was a crack, Rio sliced open his finger with a broken dish. Me, upon seeing this, shrieking “OMG. OMG. We need to call an ambulance! Call an ambulance!!” with my hands over my mouth. Apparently, I don’t do well when seeing gushing blood – and it was really, really gushing.
Treatment: After realizing Neosporin and a big bandaid wasn’t going to cut it (no pun intended), Rio remembered our chef friend once saying they use Super Glue all the time to seal cuts quickly, so I ran to the closet to find the French Super Glue. Rio: “It’s in the toolbox. The toolbox!” But since the blood was gushing so much still (imagine blood streaming out all over the kitchen sink and counter), the Super Glue clearly wasn’t going to work right then. So after lots of pressure with a once-white towel and some hydrogen peroxide, we waited for the bleeding to nearly stop, and applied the French Super Glue. (Thanks to this little post I found with some instructions.) Once the Super Glue’s dried, we’ll put some Neosporin on it with a big Band-Aid.
After-Effects: We’ll see… hopefully nothing but a little bitty scar. Fingers crossed!

At this rate, we’ll be having a medical “emergency” every month! We really have got to find a French doctor… and a vet.

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One thought on “Medical “Emergencies”

  1. Dom says:

    Oh mon Dieu .. Je suis vraiment désolée pour vous! Surtout maintement, il faut unepensée à trouver un médecin et un vet le plus vite possible. C’est l’ordre de maman. Je suis heureux de savoir que vous etes ok et j’espère qu’il en sera de même pour Rio bientôt. .A plus!

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