Paris Plages 2012

This past weekend, I dragged Rio off the couch and went to Paris Plages. For four weeks each summer, the city brings in sand and turns the Seine River into a “beach” of some sorts with sand & beach chairs, foosball, bocce-style games, dance lessons, ziplining for kids, boat rides,  a sparkling water “bar”, etc. It’s nice to stop by and enjoy the activities on a gorgeous day. This year – they actually expanded Paris Plages to La Villette by Canal de l’Ourcq. Check it out if you’re in town – it ends on August 19.

The city worked with Fatboy so Frenchies (and tourists!) could veg out by Hôtel de Ville and watch the Olympics on bean bag mattresses.

Watching the Olympics – this was an intense judo match. I had no idea judo was so mean – the grabbing, the hitting! Oy.

La plage!

Brave little girl ziplining. I wish they had one for adults at Paris Plages!

Une bière pour moi? Why – yes! The Frenchies are playing some type of bocce-type game behind me.

For the sake of our relationship, we ended at a tie.

Trekked it to Paris Plages by La Villette. We wanted to do this, but it started drizzling a bit and we were pooped anyway.

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