Drinking At… Wine By One

Photo courtesy of Le Vino Blog.

There’s a place in NYC called Keg No. 229 where a few of the tables actually have their own beer taps and a computer within the table where you can see how much beer you’re drinking by the ounce. Loving the concept, I threw a small birthday party for my husband there a couple years ago and definitely recommend it if you’re in the Financial District… plus, did I mention they have tator tots?

So when I heard about a place called Wine By One in Paris with a similar concept, but for wine, I figured I’d try it out. All along the walls are more than 100 bottles of wine where you can sample by the glass. Think of it as a bar where wine’s on tap or maybe even a DIY wine tasting. The wine stays fresh via Enomatic machines that not only dispense 1/4 glass, 1/2 glass and a full glass of wine, but also keeps each wine at its ideal temperature and condition.

It’s an interesting concept … that falls flat (at least for me). The service was really friendly, but honestly, it was annoying having to get up after each glass of wine, which is pretty frequent when you drink wine like water comme moi, and have to bring your purse with you.

So after that stellar review… if you do go, here’s how it works:

  1. Buy your wine card from the waitress and fill it up with the amount you want to spend. The waitress recommended only 10 euros since you don’t get your money back if you don’t use it up. There’s also a 2 euro “deposit” that you get back afterwards if you return the wine card.
  2. Head over to one of the wine machines, stick your card in, put your wine glass under the little spout and select the tasting size you want.

And a couple tips:

  1. Don’t forget to bring your wine glass with you and stick it under the spout before pressing the button for your glass of wine. For some reason, this happens more often than you’d think. With one euro left, I decided to have one last small tasting of a wine, pressed the button and oops… it poured all over the counter since I forgot to bring my glass.
  2. There’s only one planche they serve at this place – a petite or a grande planche of cheese, charcuterie and bread. So this is not a wine bar where you can make it a dinner.

Wine By One
9 rue des Capucines, 75001

Wine By One
27 rue de Marignan, 75008

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