Les Soldes Time!

Twice a year, stores in Paris have HUGE sales where things are marked down up to 70% off. This summer – it begins today and will last until July 31. I thought it was just the regular stores and department stores that had these sales… but a French friend told me last night that stores like Louis Vuitton and Chanel even participate in Les Soldes!

Considering I’ve only bought like three pieces of clothing in Paris since arriving three and a half months ago, I think I have a valid excuse to do some major shopping over the next month. Plus, I want to support the local economy here after all… that poor euro.

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One thought on “Les Soldes Time!

  1. […] Luckily, les soldes begin June 25 so I can stock up on a much-needed new wardrobe for my new job and return home! I […]

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