Parisian Chocolate I Can Get Behind

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a sweets person. I’d take a plate of fromage over a decadent chocolate cake any day. So you know if I’m willing to write a post about chocolate – it must be damn good.

A girlfriend of mine recently moved to the St. Germain neighborhood and knowing what a big sweet tooth she has, I decided to get her a little edible apt-warming gift. After reading a post from David Lebovitz about this Parisian chocolatier named Jean-Charles Rochoux, I thought – “parfait”! The store’s a 10 minute walk to her apartment so I’ll just head there beforehand and get her du chocolat.

Once there, Monsieur Rochoux gave me a few free tastings to help me decide on a gift. I totally fell for the Hazelnut Praline Spread and promptly purchased it (as well as the dark chocolate and strawberry flavors) for mon amie. Trust – that Hazelnut Praline Spread was no Nutella!

When I had friends in town last week, they asked where they could buy some good chocolate for themselves and friends back home. I immediately knew where to go and so off we went to Jean-Charles Rochoux again. Monsieur Rochoux actually recognized me and later on asked if I was giving a tour or something. Ha! No – I am just a fast loyal customer.

Jean-Charles Rochoux, 16 rue d’Assas (6th arrondissement)
Métro: Rennes

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