French Phrase of the Day: Ça me rend folle!

French Phrase of the Day: That drives me crazy!

As in… nearly every day the child upstairs wakes me up with her crying, shrieking and stomping on the ground. Ça me rend folle!

But seriously, it really does drive me crazy. I’m not sure if they’re trying some “cry it out” method, but I’m hoping it starts working ASAP. And it’s not like it goes on for five minutes – more like 30 minutes of shrieking, crying and the worst… stomping. I don’t even have any clue whether it’s a boy or girl. I tried asking some little kid in the lobby who I suspected may have been the suspect, “quel étage habitez-vous”, but it wasn’t him.

Rio, being the reasonable, kind person he is, made a good point and said “I’m sure the parents don’t like it either and are probably more frustrated than we are.” Mais encore… Best. Birth. Control. Ever.

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