French Phrase of the Day: Motocrotte

French Phrase of the Day: Poop-Motorcycle

When I studied abroad in France 12 years ago there used to be these little motorcycles with a box in the back. From time to time you’d see them stop on the sidewalk. Why? Because the box in the back actually was connected to a vacuum-powered hose and it was sucking up the dog poop on the ground! Oui, c’est vrai.

Sadly, the French government stopped employing these motocrottes around 2002, officially known as Caninettes, as it was vachement expensive (I was looking forward to seeing them on my return). And even worse, despite the 35+ euro fine, many French haven’t gotten the memo to pick up their dog poop yet… thus, the vast amount of crottes de chien (dog poop) all over Paris. Although… when I first arrived here, I noticed the dog poop a lot. It seemed to be everywhere! But I don’t know if it’s gotten better in the two months I’ve been here (probably not), or I’ve just gotten used to all the crottes…

For the record, I always pick up Tyler’s poop.

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One thought on “French Phrase of the Day: Motocrotte

  1. Cynthia says:

    Paris and dog poop, what lovely memories. Oh and sorry about the stomping kid. L and I lived thru that for 2 years. We moved and found ourselves with another stomping kid- thankfully, shortly thereafter- they moved. Of course Rio would be soo reasonable.

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