Tyler’s “Forest Walk”

One of the things I think Tyler misses most about home is his daily walks with his doggie friends and dogwalker Paul. Luckily, via trusty Google, I found a company called Dogwalking.fr where they not only take him for neighborhood walks, but “forest walks” too! For approx. 30 euros, they bring your dog to Meudon Forest right outside of Paris for the entire day – literally three hours of walking/playing/running around in the forest with about 10 to 15 other dogs.

I decided to try it out and signed up Tyler for his first walk yesterday… even though the entire time I was worried he was going to attack another dog (il n’aime pas les grands chiens) or the dogwalkers would lose him in the wilds of the forest or try to hold him hostage. (I clearly have  a vivid imagination.) Luckily, he returned alive and unharmed… and didn’t harm anyone else either. Although apparently he tried to hump two dogs… oy, mon petit chien.

This is a 17-second video of his first Forest Walk which Dogwalking.fr was savvy and kind enough to film – I think he liked it a lot and will be a regular.

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3 thoughts on “Tyler’s “Forest Walk”

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