Eating at… Semilla

Rio and I ate at Semilla (m10: Mabillion) in the 6th arrondissement recently. I was looking forward to it since it had been written up in not only Paris by Mouth but also Le Fooding. We had a prime spot as we sat right next to the open kitchen and could see them chopping and seasoning away. The food was good, but not as amazing as I’ve had at other restaurants in Paris. Given the hype, I was honestly a bit disappointed that I wasn’t blown away.

Here’s s a pic of the gnocchi entree I had. I hate to sound so American… but I wish there were more gnocchi and less salad! It seemed more like a salad with gnocchi rather than gnocchi with some salad greens. Rio ordered fish and when the waitress came over to ask how it was he didn’t have the heart to tell her it was overcooked since the chef (Juan Sanchez) was practically right next to us. I personally don’t think he would’ve told her anyway regardless of whether the chef were right there or not. Funny thing was I had a drink at Verjus Bar à Vin a couple days later and overheard the expat bartender speaking with a budding expat kale entrepreneur (yes, seriously) about Juan and how he’s so good and she should speak with him. I’m starting to think this expat chef world in Paris is very small…

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