Lost in Translation: My Massage in Paris

Back in NY I get a massage about every two weeks. Nothing fancy – just a 20 minute chair massage for $20. So I’ve been dying to get a massage ever since I arrived and decided to check out a place by my apartment where it said an hour-long Massage Traditionnel Chinois was only 35 euros. I was a little paranoid about the place since I’ve only ever seen guys walk out of there… and you know what they say about Asian massage places and happy endings…

Well, the massage was ok but here is what I learned for those of you who ever get one in Paris:

  1. There is no towel to cover your body up. Not even a washcloth-sized towel. Nothing. Nada. Which is especially awkward for us ladies when it’s time to turn and lay on your back.
  2. Leave your underwear on. (I thought the lady told me to take everything off so boy was I and the masseuse surprised when she walked in. Um, embarrassing! (Remember… bullet 1 above.)
  3. They start off by “massaging” your scalp. I’ve had scalp massages before and they’re amazing… but this one felt more like they were washing my hair sans shampoo.
  4. After the massage, they wipe you down with the wax-like paper you were lying on, which almost feels like they’re sloughing off your skin. Not exactly what I’d call a relaxing ending,

Will I still go back though? If I don’t see another inexpensive place by my apartment… probably, but I’ll try the back massage next time and give them some specific instructions. And I’ll keep my underwear on.

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4 thoughts on “Lost in Translation: My Massage in Paris

  1. Dom says:

    Holly mother molly lol! Oh my Jackie only you can tell such a story so beautifully. Love u beautiful!!!

  2. simplycyn says:

    OMG- thats literally the most hilarious thing I’ve read in ages. Thats why I love ya… cant be beat. “And I’ll keep my underwear on….” HA!

  3. […] after trying out two different massage places in my neighborhood, the first of which was a really embarrassing experience, I figured I’d give King Thai – La Perle d’Or a try. For 50 euros, I got a […]

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