Eating At… Les Montagnards

When the DailyCandy-esque French e-newsletter My Little Paris said Les Montagnards (m: Les Halles) was the best fondue in Paris, I immediately added it to my anal retentive spreadsheet of restaurants in Paris to try. Even though the service was a bit spotty, it had a nice casual atmosphere and the fondue was delicious. We even saw a celebrity named Joey Starr there (who had sunglasses on most of the time so we just thought he was a random loser until our cab driver recognized him).

I wish I had tried the raclette there too – it’s when a wedge of cheese is placed upside down against two hot plates while it melts into a pan for you to enjoy with potatoes, meat and bread. Eh bien, la prochaine fois!

Photos courtesy of Les Montagnards.

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6 thoughts on “Eating At… Les Montagnards

  1. Dom says:

    I really enjoy reading your adventures in Paris and back in NYC. Well, I can say that the raclette is pretty good even with out the meat. It’s the togetherness of the way you partaking in the meal. I had it a month ago at a friend’s house in Mount Pleasant, SC. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michelle says:

    I hope you’re going to share that list with Mike and I for our honeymoon!

    • apresnewyork says:

      Absolument! I have a whole slew of restaurants you guys need to try. (Are you staying with us btw??) One of which Rio said was the best lamb he’s ever had! Oh and an Anthony Bourdain place where they have really good cote du boeuf (at least according to the meat-eaters).

      • Michelle says:

        No, we have hotels, but thanks so much! Are you going to be in town when we’re there? We’ll be there for three days after the wedding. Not sure when you’re traveling back.

  3. apresnewyork says:

    Probably? Not sure yet since I haven’t decided whether I’m vacay-ing with Kristen and Steve. Rio will most likely be in Paris though since he has to rush back for work. Booo.

    • Michelle says:

      OK, well we’ll chat closer to the date and I will follow your recos. Mike will def. follow Rio’s. Merci bien!

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