When I first arrived, Rio pointed out there was a store called Picard by our apartment that only sold frozen food and nothing else. I didn’t think anything of it until two French people mentioned it to me and spoke positively about it. Huh? I was so confused – I thought the French were all about eating fresh food… and frozen food was for les Americains! Or… maybe they specifically mentioned it to me thinking I’m American and would like it…

Well, when I saw one of my neighbors bringing in huge bags of groceries, one of which looked like lots of frozen goodies from Picard, I decided I had to check it out. The picture above is basically what it looks like – just aisles of frozen food separated by food type – legumes, poissons, viandes, etc. And the second shot is a photo of the Mini Cake: Chevre, Tomate & Courgettes (a little savory bread appetizer that has goat cheese, tomato and zucchini) that I bought when I went… for only 2,50 euros! I actually specifically looked for it because it was what the 82 year old French lady served me when I went over for champagne. Delicious, but definitely bad for you.

The French Love… Frozen Food??

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