Highs and Lows

J’aime la vie française. Really. But it’s amazing the highs and lows you can feel when you’ve basically uprooted your entire life and moved to a country where you essentially know no one.

Here are some recent highs I’ve had:

  1. Finding a whole new bag of poop bags on the street by the park when I only had two more bags left for Tyler. Score!
  2. Being invited to drinks to some French club by my only French friend!

And some recent lows:

  1. When Tyler acts up towards other dogs and gets all territorial/protective of me and our apartment with our neighbors. Come on… work with me here! Mommy needs some friends!
  2. Getting to the club to meet my only French friend and not being able to find her. Leaving me wandering this dark club that’s totally a meat market for an hour all alone.

Overall though, I know it’ll take time and I am really having an amazing time here. Unfortunately, patience is not one of my virtues. Le sigh.


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